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Real Estate Coaching Excellence

Get on a transformative real estate training journey with Jacki Semerau Tait. Whether you're a new agent or a seasoned professional, her program focuses on self-discipline, accountability, effective systems, time management, goal-setting, and maintaining focus. Elevate your skills and achieve lasting success in the dynamic real estate landscape. Join for unparalleled Jacki Semerau Tait Coaching.

Elevate Your Real Estate Game

Agents who feel like they need help with the following:

  • Self-discipline
  • Accountability
  • Systems
  • Time management
  • Creating realistic goals and identifying the steps to achieve those goals
  • Focus on their real estate business and daily habits

Challenges You May Face

  • You’re working all the time
  • You hear about people buying or selling with other agents that you thought were your clients
  • You get easily distracted - especially when you sit down at your computer
  • You can rock this real estate agent gig - once you have a lead who puts you to work. Without that incoming call, you feel a little lost
  • You waste time on the “busy work” of being a real estate agent, and you’re exhausted but have little to show for it

Our Expertise

We also help in:

  • Having a steady flow of clients
  • Knowing what part of your day will be structured - and where you can be flexible
  • Having a system set up that TELLS you what to do that day.
  • Having all your necessary business tasks, client information, and marketing systems handled in just 3 pieces of software. (CRM, Email Client, SendOutCards)
  • Doing all of this within just 10 structured hours per week.
  • Change your identity! Do you have a niche? (Trick question…you do whether you know it or not) So, let’s PLAN your niche.
  • Know your value! As an agent, what makes you worth hiring? How are you different from other agents? How do you convey your value message? We’ll define your value.
  • Make your systems work! Are you still managing your business without a real flow to it? Do you have to log into multiple programs that all seem to do the same thing? We’ll audit your systems and get your business flowing in such a way that you can crush real estate in just 10 structured hours per week.
  • Are you doing the habits of real estate? We work on calls, scripts, messaging, and connecting with your contacts to keep you top of mind.
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The Program

  • 4-month commitment, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, for a 1-hour group coaching session.
  • $1200/month (Total $3600) OR $2900 one-time payment upfront.
  • Coaching with Jacki Semerau Tait via Zoom
  • Homework assignments and habit creation goals after each session
  • Accountability for achieving your real estate business goals

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Your journey to becoming a top-performing real estate professional starts today.

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