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A Real Estate Wisdom Keynote

Dive into the significant transformation of your real estate career with the expertise of a top 1% brokerage nationwide. Jacki Semerau Tait, with her 21 years in the industry, offers unmatched insights, coaching programs, and strategies to help propel your career. Here’s more to Jacki Semerau Tait's speaking services.

Mentored by Les Brown

  • Her experience moving her business to a new market has given her insights on how to expand a real estate career and reach new markets.
  • As a speaker, she talks about mindset, motivation, and marketing and has shared the stage with Les Brown, Pedro Adao, Magic Johnson, and more.
  • Jacki’s mission is to show real estate agents how to get off the commission rollercoaster and create a consistent flow of business, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Finding Your Dreams

Jacki's journey from losing her house and income to recreating herself is a powerful tale of resilience. In her "$4 Story," she navigated the lowest of lows, transforming adversity into the catalyst for her dream life. Join Jacki as she shares this inspiring narrative and imparts 7 valuable tips to help you discover your life's higher purpose: Discover how to recognize the purpose of your life,

  1. Learn how the struggle IS the catalyst, not the stumbling block.
  2. Stop self-sabotaging and start stepping into your dream life!

Unlocking Potential

A referral based business you can count on

Jacki is on a mission to lift real estate agents from the commission roller coaster, guiding them toward building a stable and enjoyable business.With her distinctive blend of energy, inspiration, and humor, she seeks to reshape the mindset and habits of real estate professionals. Join Jacki on the transformative journey to unlock unlimited potential and achieve a harmonious work-life balance.

"Jacki had the audience's attention the entire hour she spoke. She was articulate, interesting, elicited audience participation and was very quick witted. She makes a great professional/motivational speaker. I would recommend Jacki for any professional speaking engagement- she is worth the investment! Cathie Kelly, Sr. Business Development Manager, Desert Financial Credit Union , Scottsdale, AZ"

Real Estate by Relationship

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Jacki offers a unique perspective on the fundamentals of real estate—a perfect mix of encouragement and straightforward, no-nonsense advice. Through her fresh lens, she redefines traditional methods, inspiring agents to elevate their businesses. Jacki not only motivates, but also equips agents with actionable tips and tools to propel their careers to new heights.

"Jacki's unending enthusiasm, creativity and determination set her miles apart from the crowd. She definitely has what it takes to make a difference and be a force in the world, creatively and professionally! Jessi Miller, Creative Director, Ocala, FL"

Navigating News Headlines

In an era where sensationalism often trumps accuracy, headlines can impact your business. Local, national, or independent news sources may present challenges to your industry. "It's in the News, so it MUST be True!" explores strategies to overcome sensationalism and fears in potential clients. Discover how critical thinking can help you read between the lines, empowering you to reframe headlines and unveil the truth without adopting the typical rose-colored glass mindset.

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